Specializing in custom designed glass art for commercial and private spaces.


Christ in the garden

Restoration work is always a challenge, this is a six-foot round window depicting Christ in the garden of Gethsemane that was collapsing on itself.  There where 27 broken pieces that had to be recut and then painted to match the original.  First we made a cartoon of the original layout and then we began tearing the window apart, what a job. With all of the pieces numbered  the cartoon copied and ready to go we began.  Pieces were pulled out of the lead came and placed into plastic tubs to await being cleaned or recut. Anything needing to be recut went to the warehouse so we could make an exact match to the glass that was originally used.  Recut pieces were then painted to match the original piece ( it took weeks to match some of the painting techniques) and the pieces were fired, some of them having two or three trips through the kiln.  Cleaning all of the pieces before the window was rebuilt had to be the most difficult undertaking, what a mess. Soaking in mineral spirits was necessary on some of the pieces and we would lay them in shallow trays in a bath over night and then remove the softened cement the next day being careful not to break the glass!!!!!!! Two and a half months later the window was rebuilt, stronger than it was originally and with extra rebar installed so it wont need any work for a long time to come.  What an experience……..


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